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The Battle For Global Power

There is a global spiritual and ideological war going on, which most people are not aware of. The purpose of this war is power, power to rule the world. Marxism is the mother philosophy for Socialism, Communism, National Socialism, and also for Islamic Terrorism. The Bible and Christian Teachings stay in the way of the totalitarian global Marxist formations and the battle has been raging to push God out of human societies. “You may pray and sing hymns in your homes and churches as much as you like,” we youngsters were told by the Nazis, “but in society we alone pull the strings.”

Marxism’s philosophy declares that human nature is good but the structures of society have to be changed because the “rich” capitalists are greedy and responsible for the misery of the poor.  Changing the environment will make them good and free from misery. That gives Marxists the “philosophical” basis to steal the property of others. Wherever Socialists enforced this philosophy it produced economic disaster and poverty for the population but not for themselves, they make themselves rich at the expense of others.

Christian Teachings and Marxism are incompatible. Christianity recognizes that there is evil in the heart of every person and everybody needs the liberation of Jesus Christ. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” and obey God’s commandments is the Christian challenge for individuals and nations.  I have not seen Socialists on such basis and we had in Germany two Marxist/Socialist Governments. Marxism proclaims the opposite of the bible truth. Their philosophy and their actions prove their indifference to the lives and rights of other people and nations.  Anybody who claims to be a Christian but acts like a godless is a liar and should not be in the leadership of the government structures in America and not in the leadership of any nation.

European Christians came to America to be able to live a Christian life dictated by their faith. That led to the creation of a society which imbedded God’s moral standard in its laws. Doing that, they created what would turn out to be the richest and most powerful nation on earth. Later generations, however, have as we draw further away from the foundation era, allowed the undermining of the original intent of the founders as expressed in the organic law of the U.S. including the Constitution. Immorality is growing; the United States power in the world is weakening.  The ignorance of our leadership and the American people about the reality of what happens in front of our eyes can end our freedom and sovereignty.

I believe America’s enemies intend to fully integrate her fully into the godless Communist/Socialist world. The United States and our armed forces are being weakened by our own government. Let nobody believe that our enemies want to make us a nation like the European democracies; they more likely aim at a kind of a Nazi state. You will not remain a free person. Parents become slaves and children will be taken away from God. I do not believe the Europeans know what is coming either.

Our enemies are close to their goal: world power which means people become subject to complete control.  Restoring our economy of course is urgently necessary but you can not win a war if you do not move at the same level as the enemy. Any soldier knows that. But it is a different kind of war now. The central issue for America, for instance, is not the very important battle for religious freedom but to restore God and His commandments in the heart of our nation. The “Separation of Government and Church” is unconstitutional as advocated today. It is being used by the godless to take God out of our society. It is opposite of what our Founding Fathers had in mind. We must be again a nation under God and a global messenger of Freedom.

It was God who created America. Americans cannot accept godless and immoral politicians and judges. Without public recognition of God and of the founding fathers including in the schools we shall not remain free and have no message for the rest of the world. To God alone belongs global power. He is the strongest. Americans need to defeat the ideological and spiritual power of the leaders of the godless totalitarian systems by standing up to truth and absolute moral standards. Because for anybody committed to a totalitarian ideology, ideology comes before nation. Our leadership did not get that and the consequences yet.

Jesus Christ told His disciples “I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.” (Matthew 28, 18 to 20) Christians and especially their leaders should not fight each other but be disciples of their Creator and control the morality of those who want to direct this nation. I experienced in Germany what happens when godless liars take over a nation from inside. Godlessness is the most important problem the United States and Western Civilization have. We must stand up for Israel.

To bring closer of what I say in this message to you I want to show you how the spiritual and ideological war advances.  Godless people like Karl Marx try to eliminate the Power of God:

Norman Mattoon Thomas was a six- time presidential candidate for The Socialist Party of America who is said to have expressed himself in a speech in 1944 with the following: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

He went on to say “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.” I confirm.

In Germany the armed forces could have stopped Hitler and they did not do it at the beginning because they had a wrong concept of what an oath is. Many of them had fear of Hitler Patriots tried unsuccessfully to take him out in 1944. They were hanged to their death at a slow pace watched by a pleased and ruthless Adolf Hitler.

There were millions of Christians who were not led by their bishops into the opposition to the Nazi persecution of the Jews. Consequently, the nation tumbled into destruction. Today there are millions of Christians in America who normally watch developments but decide not to cast a vote on Election Day. Consequently, the freedom of our nation will likewise tumble if that does not change.

The majority of us Christians saw no way out of the trap. My father said to my mother in 1943 that “no German can wish any more that we win this war.”  He perished in a Soviet prison not having done anything wrong. The Soviets considered him and millions others as an obstacle to their global power plans. My elder brother Asche`s hope was to unite Lutheran and Catholics, the main Christian denominations at that time. 1942 he was killed in Russia as a soldier serving in the front lines. We lost our home and were left with a morally and physically destroyed country. We thought we had defended our country. My mother hated the Nazis, blaming them for the death of her husband and for destroying our country. She could not sleep at night and could not get rid of hatred until she went onto her knees and asked God to free her which He did. I am not eager to live through a repetition of godless rulers and suffering nations.

Can Christian leaders not unite to get a common ground and strategy to get the nation move into the right ideological direction not to be guided by unconstitutional separation?The tea party stands for freedom.  I have addressed various groups of them in a number of states of the Union and have met many people. They are great patriots. There are millions of patriots and Christians in America who need to take part in the battle for our nation to be a nation under God and a messenger of freedom for the world.

Human nature can be changed if motives can be changed from selfishness to obedience to God’s commandments. It is the same for all human beings. Who wants to change America or the world needs to start with him or her own change first. I began with cleaning my life when I committed it to our creator, God almighty. To mention four of my decisions from many: never to lie again, never to give in to hatred or stick with a resentment, never to enrich myself at the expense of somebody else, and apologize and make restitution to whom I had lied to or hurt. No wonder that Hitler could seduce the German people if everybody had lived as I had, I thought very often after I changed.

If Barack Obama wants to change America he better changes himself first for us to see.  If he would be honest of the lies he has told us and apologize to the American people and make restitution for it he might get a big step forward in real change and people could begin to trust him.

The world is in insurrection against God. The organized attack against America started after WWII. The spiritual and ideological battle line is the role of God in human society. It is between Truth and Lies. With other words every living person is involved. Every American is involved as part of our country which has turned our back against the Statue of Freedom in New York. We are not a free nation any more which makes room for the godless liars in the leadership. Americans, get into the battle for God’s freedom beginning with ourselves.      

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Hilmar von Campe: The Founder of the Institute for Truth & Freedom, Hilmar lived through the years of Nazi power and brain-washing in Germany as a former member of Hitler's Youth and a Wermacht Soldier in the German Army under Hitler. "I had thought that as a soldier I was fighting for my country, but I came to realize that in reality I was fighting for the immoral purposes of a bunch of gangsters." As a graduate of the University of Hamburg, he has traveled the world investigating political and social conditions, is listed in the 1992 "International Who’s Who of Intellectuals," and is the Author of several books, including Defeating the Totalitarian Lie - A Former Hitler Youth Warns America."

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