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This Week: All I Want for Christmas: To Buy Gifts for my Kids

Guest: William Federer - The headlines this Christmas report that many Americans are 'skipping Christmas' this year because of money woes. There is a divide between what the government says the economy is like, and what families know to be true. The cause? Inflation. Many are getting new credit cards just so they can buy gifts for their kids this year. And 75% of Americans are planning to cut back on expenditures not just for Christmas but for the next six months. Will this dampen Christmas celebrations? Many say 'no' and that they will find new ways this year to celebrate, not unlike generations in the past had to do. This is good news.


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After 20 Years on the Air...

What a ride it has been these past 20 years on the Air! Starting in the 'belly of the beast', San Francisco on KDIA five days a week, spreading to stations across America, and around the world online via Salem Web's, it has been my privilege and joy to interview some of the best expert guests in America, covering the issues that matter most to our nation and world; and to work with some of the most dedicated and talented people (WOMANTalk co-hosts Audrey Russo & Debra Rae), and others who joined our network over the years, including my wonderful husband, Duane, to help us address economic and political issues.

Now, we feel it is wisdom to capture the online and digital device trend, making our show available 24/7 on more venues and to an even larger audience, who can listen anytime and anywhere.

And we want to thank all our faithful listeners, supporters and sponsors who have been with us over the years. Your encouragement has meant more than you know. We are grateful for each of you.

We're not going anywhere, except from on- air stations to online venues...where we will continue to address the cultural and spiritual issues of our day...for such a time as this.

So, watch for our All New Changing Worldviews Podcast beginning in April. All information and venue links and apps will be available here on our website soon.

We thank God for giving us the privilege to come into your home all these years, and look forward to all He has in store ahead.



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