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This Week: What Every American Needs to Know

Guest: William Federer, Author, Historian to give clear facts that will give understanding the reasons for the terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas on October 7, 2023, and the resultant war; as well as the Antisemitic protests across America and the world. This issue must be addressed with truth and justice.


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2024 - The Year of the Open Door

In the Hebrew Calendar this year, 5784 (2024) stands for The Year of the Open Door. What could this mean for individuals and nations?

We will be talking about this throughout the month on the show, as we address the crucial issues facing all of us.

Whether we are talking about cultural or political or religious issues, open doors can be positive, or not, depending on what doors we are talking about and if we walk through them or not.

With so much on the line with the upcoming Presidential election, the current economic challenges (to say the least), the chaos and wars that are continuing in Israel, the Middle East, Ukraine, etc., this is a year to not just pay attention, but to engage and expose the darkness with the light of the truth, so that we can see clearly.

I love the saying, "Be a light that helps others see." It's not just about us, but about our neighbor. the Bible talks alot about 'letting our light shine,' this year, perhaps more than ever before, is the year to shine the light of the truth in the darkness. So we can know which doors to walk through.

So, tune in regularly for our new season of Changing Worldviews Podcast. 

We thank God for giving us the privilege to come into your home all these past years and look forward to all He has in store ahead.



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