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If you share Sharon's passion to get the often unreported truth on today's issues we invite you to air Changing Worldviews TALK Radio on your station. Call 707-322-3632 for affiliation details.

After 18 Years on the Air, Sharon has interviewed hundreds of guests, including Candidates, Senators and other government leaders; public policy and pro-family experts; authors and journalists; doctors and religious leaders - Protestant, Catholic and Jew, and more. An advocate for the innocent, the persecuted and our troops, Sharon continually encourages her listeners to boldly support the right and expose the wrong.

A partial list of her guests have included:
Gary Aldrich
Edwin Black
Jayna Davis
Joseph Farah
David Horowitz
Dr. D. James Kennedy
Michelle Malkin
Phyllis Schlafly
Steven Mosher
Jennifer Lahl
Wesley J. Smith
Dr. Nigel Cameron
Dr. Christopher Hook
Rosemary Schindler
Avi Lipkin
Walid Shoebat
Hilmar von Campe
William Federer
Tom DeWeese
Dr. Michael Coffman
James Hirsen
Carl Limbacher
Wes Vernon
Bruce Herschensohn
Marc Morano
George Barna
Carol Liebue
Debra Rae
Audrey Russo
Sandra Brown
Dr. Karen Effrem
Professor Allen & Julie Quist
Professor William Wagner
Florence Littauer
John Tesh
Dr. Jay Budziszewski
Brad Miner
Dr. Carl Moeller
Mason Weaver
Tal Brooke
Richard Poe
Jill Stanek
Erick Stakelbeck
David Brody
Lorenzo Vidino
John O'Neill
Cliff Kincaid
Paul Driessen
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Dr. Joshua Coleman
Holly Swanson
Senator Tom McClintock
Doug Giles
Major Diggs Brown
Janet Folger
Chris Simcox
Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Asaf Romirowsky
Katharine DeBrechdt
Peter Schweizer
Joseph Klein
Dr. David Lowenthal
Leo Giovinetti
David Gregory
Caryl Matrisciana
Ron Rhodes
Robert Spencer
Dennis Avery
J. Warner Wallace
Ray Comfort
Gloria Gaither
Lisa Bevere
and many, many more.