Sharon Receiving Courageous                                          Sharon with the late                              Sharon with John Tesh
Radio Talk Show Host Award                                            Caryl Matrisciana award winning          Television & Radio Personality
with fellow Talk Show Host Brian Sussman                       Author & Film Producer                        Recording Artist & Composer

Sharon with Wesley J. Smith                                                     Sharon with fellow Radio Hosts
Author & Film Producer                                                             Audrey Russo, Actress, Singer, Writer
Discovery Institute Fellow                                                         & Debra Rae, Author & Columnist


Sharon with Myles Weiss, Middle East Contributor,                  Presenting Jennifer Lahl, President of The Center
Pastor of Beth Shalom and television Co-Host                         for Bioethics & Culture with WOMANTalk’s
with his wife, Katharine, of  Zola Levitt Presents                       Heroine of the Year Award


Presenting Caryl Matrisciana, film Producer & Author              Operation Heartlift supporting our Troops
with WOMANTalk’s Heroine of the Year Award                        Annual Veterans Day Parade & Event


With U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese @ Duane’s               Sharon meeting Elizabeth Dole for Sonoma Wine Country
Kick-off Dinner running for U.S. Congress                                  speaking engagement and tour


With Peter Marshall, Author & son of the popular                      With Dr. Nigel Cameron, Ph.D, President of
U.S. Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall                                         The Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies


With Duane and Vice President Dan Quayle                               Oliver North Endorsing Duane for U.S. Congress


Duane with Jean Kirkpatrick, U.S. Ambassador to the UN          Sharon with Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum


With Michelle Bachman, Dean of Regent University                    With Orlean Koehle, President California Eagle Forum

More to be Uploaded!