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How can you tell the real from the unreal...the true from the false...when it comes to who to believe, and what to put your hope in?

The last presidential election dashed the hope of many...actually over 74+ million Americans. And for alot it feels like deja vu...ie Obama No. 3 via Biden. Change is back ala the Left. But, as our grandmothers would warn, not all change is good change. All change does not mean progress. And change for the sake of change alone should never be an option.

Candidates always make promises the people, or some of the people, want to hear. Basically, people vote for the candidates and the policies/promises that align with their own values/agendas...IF the elections are not rigged. Then we have what the 'riggers' want, not the majority of the people.

So, whether it's candidates, or professors, or scientists, or authors how do you know who you can believe, and where it is safe to place your hope, without being naive?

We'll talk about this on the show this month as we take a close look at what the current, and massive and major changes of the Biden administration means for all Americans...and our allies. What are the real facts from the false claims, and in some cases, sheer lies?

Again, how can we know who to believe, and what to put our hope in? It all about knowing with the truth.

No one in their right mind would knowingly believe and place their hope in something that is false. That's not the problem. The problem is when people place their hope in what is false by either not discerning the truth, following their feelings, or not wanting to know the truth!

Mark Twain said, "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." So true.

It is our hope that this month's shows and articles will be a part of bringing hope to others...Real Hope. As we share the Truth.







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