‘Killing Girls’ Jill Stanek

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month, and we have aired, or re-aired shows on the subject, including with Jill Stanek, a nurse, who tells of her horrific experience finding a discarded baby aborted alive in the hospital she worked at, and how that led her to the White House for legislation to stop such practices.
By Guest Jill Stanek 

A documentary about late-term abortions in Russia, seven years in the making, “Killing Girls” was nominated for best documentary film in three European film festivals, and through the wonders of technology is available

to download online

for $14.99. (DVD is also available for $22.99.)

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The primary setting of “Killing Girls” is the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction in St Petersburg, a large, old hospital where babies are delivered on one floor and aborted on the next. Mothers recover together.

Late-term abortions are common in Russia. In a country where the film tells us 80 percent of women abort an average of two to 10 times, older girls tell younger girls to wait until after 20 weeks to abort because, they say, it is better for the female body to have an induced abortion than surgical abortion. The girls worry about becoming sterile. Very messed up. This despite the fact abortions are free up to 12 weeks.

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