Self Talk: Soul Food

You’d have to literally be a hermit to not be aware of the continual admonitions in all the major media outlets, books, magazines, etc., not to mention your doctor, to take good care of your health. But, how well are you taking good care of your soul? I mean your mind, your emotions, your will? This is, of course, a huge multi-faceted subject, and I wouldn’t begin to pretend to have all the answers. But there are a few things I have learned that I hope may be helpful to you.

For instance: the importance of listening to  how you talk to yourself …your ‘self-talk’. That in itself will reveal a whole lot about how you feel about yourself, about others, and about life.

Next: remember that m oods/feelings follow thoughts . So, what you think about, or how you thing about things, will determine your mood, your emotional well-being, which will impact your choices.

How many old tapes do you continue to play in your mind? You know, the negative thoughts you have about yourself, perhaps ‘recorded’ by others by what they spoke to you, or how they treated you. If you don’t stop playing them you’ll end up with a victim mentality, and that won’t help at all. To the contrary. Rather, I encourage you to not only turn off the tape player, but throw those darn tapes away!

I had to throw a whole bunch of tapes away years ago, and…I had to get a new set of ‘tapes’ to replace them. Believe it or not, after trying some positive mental attitude books, which really only touched surface areas, I started taking a serious look at the Bible and then searched for a good, safe group of people who were sincerely seeking to understand and know God, and who were finding real answers. I mean real answers. I asked alot of questions, and well, the end result is – I got a whole new set of tapes! Not a set of religious rules of do’s and don’ts, but a renewing of my mind, and a healing of my emotions, that is as real as this planet we all stand on.

That’s why we’ve included soul and spirit, not just body, in this ‘self-care’ section of WOMANTalk. We understand that women want real answers to every area of their lives.

And, just in case you need a new set of tapes, too, please click over to “Filling the Void’ on our Spirit page here.