April 2019: Jill Stanek


Jill Stanek

Heroine: a woman having the qualities of a hero; a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities; the central female figure in an event or period.


Over a decade ago, Jill was minding her own business, working as a nurse on the southwest side of Chicago. In a moment, her life changed, and she’s been championing the life movement ever since.

A registered nurse in the Labor & Delivery Department at

Christ Hospital

in Oak Lawn, Illinois, in 1999 she discovered babies were being aborted alive and shelved to die in the soiled utility room.

When she went public hospital leaders said that they would not stop, but the disclosure immediately grabbed the attention of legislators and media, and she was fired.

Jill testified before a U.S. House committee in




for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, and was invited by President George W. Bush for his signing of the

Born Alive Infants Protection Act

,  in 2002 which protects live aborted children from infanticide.  She was also invited to his signing of the

signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban

in 2003, which protects partially delivered babies from being killed by abortion.

Also, in 2003

World Magazine

 named Jill in as one of 30 prominent pro-life leaders over the past 30 years.Stanek is a weekly columnist for


and a public speaker on pro-life issues. Jill has been on our show several times and today, she is the National Campaign Chair for the Susan B. Anthony List.

For her heroic courage, determination and dedication to the cause of saving the lives of British troops from the horrific hand of Hitler’s regime Mary Lindell is this month’s WOMANTalk Heroine of the Month.

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Quote by Jill Stanek:

“Not wanting to be dismissed as someone whose issue has overcome them, I’ve always tried to explain in an academic, unemotional way what worldwide devastation abortion and population control are wreaking.”