Back to School Compassion: Pencil Case Kits

Our theme is “Back to School” month on the Show, but also as an outreach:

There are countless numbers of parents in the United States as well as in developing countries struggling to provide basic shelter, food, and clothing for their children. They are often unable to purchase the required and needed supplies for their school-aged children.

Perhaps you know families in your child’s school, or your neighborhhood, who are struggling financially and would welcome a packet of school surprises as a ‘back to school’ gift from you.

Or perhaps you’d like to participate in programs like Operation Blessing’s outreach for children which has helped more than 53,400 school-aged children received clothes and school supplies.

One of the ways these students are helped is through the Pencil Case Kit project, that put together incredibly simple and inexpensive school supply kits. You can equip 1 or 100 children with the confidence they need to walk into the classroom this year, either on your own, or by participating in this or other such programs.

It’s so easy to put a Pencil Case Kit together!

The estimated cost of putting one pencil case kit together is about $6.00; a small price to pay for a child to walk confidently into school! Have your children help purchase and pack the needed items:

1. Purchase the following items:

1 pencil case (transparent)

1 pack of crayons (8 colors)

1 pack of color pencils (12 colors)

1 pack of #2 pencils (5 pencils)

1 pack of glue sticks (2 glue sticks)

1 pack of erasers

1 pair of scissors (child friendly)

1 pencil sharpener

2. Place all items neatly into the pencil case.

3. Complete the form

Select the file format To download.

4. Mail pencil case kit and envelope to:

Operation Blessing

Pencil Case Kit

CSB 322

977 Centerville Turnpike

Virginia Beach, VA 23463

Or if doing on your own, hand deliver to your child’s classroom, giving to the teacher who will know which child/children need them.