February 2019: Rosemary Schindler Garlow

Rosemary Schindler Garlow

Heroine: a woman having the qualities of a hero; a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities; the central female figure in an event or period.

The niece of

Oscar Schindler


Schindler’s List

), the remarkable ‘Gentile’ man who outwitted Hitler and the Nazis to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other person during World War II. Rosemary carries on her uncle’s legacy through Schindler’s Ark to educate people about the truth of Hitler’s Germany, the current threats of another holocaust, and to support the Jewish people and Israel.

Recently married to James Garlow, Rosemary continues the work of Schindler’s Ark by hosting seminars and educational events to promote understanding, and partnering with Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and World Express Travel leading tours to Israel and bible lands, Rosemary has been instrumental in building bridges between Christians and Jews in our day. Schindler’s Ark promotes reconciliation and the ‘righteous actions’ of those who heroically save lives, as Oscar Schindler did.

Rosemary Schindler has been a human rights activist on behalf of other peoples as well, such as the people of North Korea. Writing in

Auschwitz Again?

 with Kristin Wright … 

‘During the last several years, an estimated 4 million people have died of government-induced starvation in North Korea. An additional 400,000 men, women, and children have perished in modern-day concentration camps where brutal medical experimentation, public executions, and gas chambers are commonplace. Thousands more are still imprisoned.’

Chuck Colson wrote about Rosemary ‘s activism in

Standing Up for the Helpless

, and the passage of The North Korea Human Rights Act, which the Wilberforce Forum aggressively worked for,.”

Quotes by Rosemary:

” There needs to be a refuge and those who will come and stand alongside the Jewish people so that this time there won’t be silence.”

“I work in the United States so my nation will not be silent this time.” 

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