Go on a Day Trip of Simple Compassion

Compassion is the desire to ease another’s suffering; to alleviate another’s distress. More than a feeling, compassion is shown in service and giving.

Mother Teresa was known, celebrated and admired for her compassion displayed in the slums of Calcutta, India, where she helped and cared for the poor and sick, who others had forgotten.

You may never travel to India or a third world country where the need for compassion is great, but there is need for compassion right here at home as well.

Want to make a difference in the lives of others? Why not go on a Day Trip with the whole family to show some simple, but important, compassion?

Here are just a few simple ideas that you can do as a family (there’s nothing like action to teach valuable lessons):

-Visit a senior citizen who lives alone, or a homebound person. Bring some goodies, help with chores, etc, if needed

-Start a canned goods collection in your neighborhood, and deliver to your local food bank.

-Work at a local homeless shelter, help serve meals, bring blankets, socks, etc.

-Put together and send care packages to troops overseas.

-Donate money to a overseas missions feeding program, such as

Life Outreach with James Robison.

Compassion is never complicated. And its impact is