It’s Important Who You Marry!

An old illustration about real people my husband, Duane, likes to use when speaking to groups about the importance of family and the very real consequences, good or bad, of who you marry…

Family #1

The Family of Max Jukes

A man of no principle

Married a girl of like character in 1677

Among his known descendents, 1200 were studied:

310 were professional beggars

440 had lives physically wrecked by debauchery and uncleanliness

130 were sent to prison for an average of 13 years each

7 were murderers

100 were alcoholics

60 were habitual thieves

190 were prostitutes

Only 20 out of the 1200 had ever gainful employment (the rest were either criminals or lived on state aid.

This notorious clan cost the state of New York a total of $1,200,000 in welfare and custodial charges – back then.

Family #2

The Family of Jonathan Edwards

A man from a good Christian family

Married a girl of like character

From among his traceable 1400 descendants came:

13 college presidents

65 college professors

100 lawyers and a dean of an outstanding law school

30 judges

66 physicians and a dean of a medical school

300 clergymen, missionaries and theological professors

80 holders of public office:

Mayors of large cities

3 U.S. Senators

3 Governors

1 Controller of the U.S. Treasury

1 Vice-President of the United States

The family wrote 135 books.

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

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