Reach for the Best! With a Little Help from Your Friends

Few things are better for your Soul than good friends. I mean



They encourage us. Stand with us. Challenge us. Tell us the truth. Acknowledge and help us reach for the best in ourselves.

Key to such relationships is reaching for the best in our relationships:

~First, reaching for the best choices in who we have relationship with (no toxic relationships allowed)!

~Reaching for the best friend


can be to our friends. 

~Reaching for the best in our relationships; with girlfriends this could mean something as simple as agreeing to keep your conversations free from gossip.

Be pro-active in your friendships. For some this may mean being more attentive or in tune with a friend’s needs. For others it means spending more time with their friends. For others is simply means picking up the phone to stay connected. The list goes on.

Soul satisfying, healthy relationships mean each one is allowed to be their real, or authentic, self. And committed to reaching together for the best in each other.

Do you desire to grow in character? Why not let your friendships be an instrument for that growth? Just like we have buddy systems for dieting or exercising together, why not have a buddy to grow with in character?

This takes someone you are close to, someone you trust. Someone who is a safe person. And it requires you to be safe.

Remember, this is not about trying to get the other person to change, it’s about respectfully encouraging one another by agreeing to relate to one another in open and positive ways.

Side benefit? It will spill over into all your other relationships.

Reach for the best. Mediocre in anything is, well, like lukewarm coffee. yuck!