Teach Your Child to Give to the Poor: It’s a Good Thing


If you want to, have been meaning to, but haven’t gotten around to…doing something to help the poor, the starving, even right here in the U.S., you can start today, while at the same time teach your children the value of giving to those less fortunate.

Here’s an idea! Buy a bank or a box with a lid, or whatever you’d be happy to leave on your kitchen table, and designate one night a week as “Feed the Poor Night” and as everyone comes to sit down to dinner have each put some of their money/allowance in the box, which idealy you will send off together once a month to a reputable charitable organization that is effectively making an impact in caring for and feeding the poor.

Here are a couple of the organizations we can recommend:


Life Outreach

– feeds starving children in Africa, builds orphanages China for cast-away babies.


Operation Blessing

– food, medical, school supplies, clothes to America’s poor and overseas


Just One

– safe water, food, shelter, education

Desire of Nations

– HIV, at-risk children in Kenya

Don’t think your children will automatically care in this way when they grow up if you don’t work to foster it in them now. Lead the way, and they will remember it when they are grown. It’s part of the legacy you will leave them.

You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who’ll never be able to repay you

-John Wooden