To Diet or Not to Diet: Is That the Question?

I need to lose some weight. And if you are like me (and most women) you have tried more than 5 different diets in your lifetime, and you may have already chosen to try a new one, or one that has already worked for you in the past, this year.

There is so much information out there on dieting: low fat, low carb, count calories or don’t count calories, don’t diet just change your eating lifestyle, or eat more and lose anyway, don’t eat after dinner; don’t think diet, think lifestyle change, it makes my head spin. The choice of ‘types’ of diets are more than can be listed here.

The key to successful dieting? What the experts tell us is that, more than the


of diet you go on, is your determination to stick with whichever diet you choose, until you reach your goal. Any time we cut down on what we eat we will lose weight. .

So, I’m going to do what works for me, and so should you do whatever works for you — as long as it is healthy and wise — but first


yourself into doing it. In other words, you have to

convince yourself

you want to do it. Dieting because you ‘should’ almost always ends in failure. Allow your mind to be renewed from your old habits and attitudes about eating and food.

Read books like ”

The Maker’s Diet”

which is filled with healthy common sense; get some motivational tapes if that helps you; enlist a ‘buddy’ to diet with or hold you accountable. Join a weight loss support group. Do whatever it will take for you to be successful. Not only will you feel better health-wise, but you’ll feel good about yourself.

Any time we complete a goal successfully, and especially one we have to work hard for, it does not only your body good, but your soul as well.