To The Real V.I.P.s: Thank You

A young man in the movie, “Elizabethtown” suffers tremendous rejection, devastation and shame as his lauded idea for a new product for his company falls flat, costing the mega corporation millions of dollars. As he is fired and walks out of the company he gave eight years of his life to, he makes a profound statement to himself:

Success – not greatness – is the only god the world serves.”

Isn’t that true? And isn’t it true that society today is more concerned with success than greatness?

However, the truth is, the only real success is greatness. Greatness in character. Greatness in giving. Greatness in making a difference in the world. Greatness in self-sacrifice on behalf of others, done for the ’cause’ whether you are financially compensated or promoted or recognized for it or not.

And that is not only Greatness…it is the heart of all true volunteerism.

Did you know that almost half of American households have at least one adult doing some volunteer work — giving on the average almost 5 hours per week to causes outside their personal lives?

True volunteers move beyond good intentions to action. They voluntarily offer their services freely. And they are  the real VIPs – Value-ers in Practice . Doers not just hearers.

Volunteers are often looked down upon as lesser by the success-driven, because they do what they do for free. Unfortunately those with such a mentality don’t understand the nature of true success, or greatness.

Jesus even addressed this issues when he said, “If you want to be great in the kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.”

When all the smoke clears, even the success-driven can have moments when they have to admit that true success and greatness has little to do with corporate climbing, the size of your portfolio or even the number and size of charity checks you write.

One such ‘smoke-clearing’ moment-example can be seen in this incredible video about the relationship between a father and son….Team Hoyt.  (Get out the kleenix).

So, to all you genuine volunteers, those of you who serve and do for others out of your heart, and not out of obligation — we applaud you — and say be encouraged, for what you do truly counts, truly makes a difference, truly is what defines greateness.

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