What Women Want

What do women want? Men ask this question all the time, (even if just to themselves), because they don’t understand the women in their lives – wives, daughters, mothers, sisters.

The fact that men don’t naturally have a clue to what women want, is proof enough to debate those who say that there are no differences between men and women. It has to be learned

Gary Smalley of Smalley Relationship Center is one of my favorite marriage counselor/speakers. His DNA of Relationships series is fantastic. He talks openly about the differences between men and women in a transparent and humorous atmosphere, which helps men ‘get it’ and women take a deep breathe of relief!

In his book, Men’s Relational Toolbox he says,

“Too often, we guys reach for the closest tool-not the right tool. It seems like a good idea at first. But then the nail refuses to budge or we refuse to look for the right tool. We treat relationships the same way, especially with the women in our lives. The problem is we reach for the tools that work well for us in our work world, but find they are often disastrous in our relationships.”

What do women want? They want to be understood…and to that end, I highly recommend his books and other resources to young and old, for those about to be married, and those who have been together for decades. You will laugh together and cry together, and come away understanding each other in greater ways.

And ladies, you will come to understand your man in greater ways, too. What do men want? If you don’t know, you need to find out, too.

Gary Smalley’s website and books

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