What’s Up for Summer Nails? For Nails?

by Audrey Russo

Don’t forget those beautiful nails this Summer…

The Length

– the look is more cropped and practical…it works better when clicking on the cell phone or blackberry keypad. The experts say the shape is “a ‘squoval’: a square with a little oval shaping at the top.” The test to see if you’ve got the shape? Hold your hand palm-side up, and your nails should barely be visible beyond your fingertips.

The Colors

– they’re either pale and pearly or dark and rich. The cropped length is a must for rich dark purples and deep blues (what the stars are wearing). Tan or nude, or any shimmery pale color…are good for any skin tone. And if the deep blues or purples don’t grab you, try a hefty dose of Merlot (burgundy)!

And don’t forget to get those hands in shape…a solid hand treatment will replenish the moisture lost during cold months.

Grab a tube of treatment, a file, a bottle and spring into action!