Who Pulls Your Strings?: Puppeteers in our Lives

Remember when you were in junior high or high school and how you lived your life trying to be accepted by your peers? You aligned your dress, behavior and even the places you went according to the ‘code’ of the crowd you wanted to be a part of. You most likely continued this behavior even after you were ‘accepted’. What a way to live! We know that now…or do we?

Fortunately most of us grew out of those years of extreme conformity. But you may still find yourself modifying your behavior, perhaps even activities and goals, to ‘fit in’ with your adult peers. What a shame!

While we all want to be accepted and included, it’s good to take a hard look at ourselves to see if our desire to ‘fit in’ is ruling our lives. Perhaps it’s not with peers, but with parents or siblings, or a spouse. Either way, it’s time to cut the strings.

Think of this behavior as that of a puppet:

Marionette puppets – have strings attached to all their movable parts

Hand puppets – are worn on the puppeteer’s hand
Rod puppets – have rods instead of strings
Combination puppets – use any or all the above

The puppeteer is the one in control, and the one who makes all the decisions surrounding the puppet’s actions — to walk or talk or dance… The puppet can’t do anything without the puppeteer.

Sad to say, many people lived their childhood like a puppet…some still do as adults. And this learned behavior has stifled them from being who they are really meant to be, and from doing what they were individually created to do.

In the book for young people, ” Don’t be a Puppet on a String” by Bob & Marilyn Donahue , the authors have a Punch and Judy Quiz with questions such as:

-Will you do almost anything to be asked to join a special club or group?
-When you are asked for your opinion, do you wait and see what other people think before you answer?
-Do you feel more comfortable when you are dressed like your friends?

The Donahues point out that while everyone feels like dangling sometimes when the going gets tough, it is dangerous thinking. It damages self-respect.

Remember, puppets just hang around waiting for someone else to pull their strings.

You are not a puppet! You were made for AMAZING things, which will never be realized if you let others decide for you what your life is suppose to be.

The good news is you can decide right now to cut the strings. You were created to walk on your own two feet. And may I add…with the help of your Creator, who is not a puppeteer but a Father who wants the very best for you, you won’t fall. Trust. me. Actually, trust Him.

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