Why Christians Should Vote Including You

“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” -George Washington


Silence never speaks — and God gave you a voice


Did you know?

That the majority of Christians simply don’t vote? Following the 2012 election Rev. Franklin Graham had a message for Christians who were unhappy with the results of the 2012 presidential election:

You only have yourself to blame.


an interview

with CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody, Graham said that the majority of Christians simply don’t vote — inaction that has dire consequences in local and national elections, alike. And said that the responsibility for an Obama re-election win is on Christians’ shoulders. “We need to do a better job of getting our people — the Church — to vote.”

But will we? Will we turn out to vote in 2016? I predict that there will be a lower amount of Christians voting this time around. Why? Because they are turned off by the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, as many point out, a ‘no show vote’ is a vote, and probably a vote for the worst candidate because of the dedication of those on the Left.

Franklin Graham, after both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won their respective Parties nomination said, “This nation is in serious trouble. Both the Democratic and the Republican parties have lost the moral vision for this nation. I pray that God will give us a president who is a strong and courageous leader and who has a vision for the future. We need a president who can lead this nation back to being one nation under God so that we can truly say ‘In God we trust!'”

So, what is our responsibility? If we consider our nation to be a part of our ‘stewardship,’ then we have to carefully, prayerfully and seriously consider the consequences in this election…both if we don’t vote…and who we vote for, when we vote.

You can help those who “sit on the sidelines” to register to vote, and to VOTE for the best of the two we have to choose from. There is also Libertarian and Green Party candidates, but they have little hope of not only winning the election, but getting on enough ballots in states to be eligible. So, encouraging fellow citizens to vote in November may well mean the difference between protecting or not protecting innocent human lives, the integrity of the family, religious freedom, and further terror attacks on our soil…moving forward.

Does your vote make a difference?

Many people question whether their vote makes a difference. Well, there are too many examples when our votes did make a difference. For example, the closeness of the Florida 2000 election, which by most re-counts was won by a margin of less then 500 votes of over 6 million votes cast, emphasizes the importance of the active participation of every citizen and every vote. Only 55 percent of the voting-age population voted in that election, and a lot of them were pro-family people. So, with this election so close, and with history showing some elections are won by only one vote per precinct, each vote, your vote, is vital.

Some reasons people give for not voting

Bad weather, transportation problems, inconvenient, forgot, didn’t like the candidates, out of town, not interested, illness, and

20% said they were too busy.

This is not only disappointing, actually devastating in many instances, but poor stewardship. The right to vote is arguably one of the most important rights of citizenship we have. If we don’t take it seriously, then we are not fulfilling our duty as a citizen. And, yes I know, voter fraud is a real issue…but by not voting we are giving that fraud more power. If more Americans would vote, the less voter fraud would have a ‘voice’ in choosing the winner.

So, no matter how you feel about this election, the candidates, or the condition of our country, please don’t be counted among those who choose to stay home this election. Remember, not voting, is actually voting…for the ‘other guy.’ If you value our country, if you value freedom, vote.