Women Making a Difference: You Can Too!

A young 37 year old woman named Alexandra is making the difference in the lives of kids (and their parents) with life-threatening illnesses each month, through

Make a Child Smile,

which she started in 1998.

How does MACS work?

From the website:

The stories of courageous kids that you’ll read on this website will touch your heart. Here, kids with life threatening illnesses are featured monthly.

All we ask of you is to mail a nice card to our

Featured Kids of the Month

. If you can also afford to send a small gift that would be wonderful!

You can also check out our

Previous Kids

section and send cards to kids who have been featured in the past, they also look forward to receiving mail.

Featured children are not the only ones who benefit from the mail. It touches the whole family! Even the children’s young siblings end up receiving their own mail!

Some kids are too young to really understand where the cards and gifts are coming from, but it makes their parents happy to know that strangers they never met, care about their child and are sending their love and support.”

Have a heart’s desire to help others? You have what it takes. Women are born ‘nurturers.’ And there are all kinds of needs in our world and in our communities that you can help meet.

And because there are so many needs, I would suggest praying for direction first 🙂